midwife kreativ


midwife kreativ

Every human being has a story that explains how he became the person he or she is. And that is beautiful! This makes us unique.

midwifery work

Being a midwife is my calling, connecting expertise and medical know-how with intuition, spiritual perception in a special situation.

  • Pregnant – and it just can’t be
  • Pregnant – with 2,3 or one more
  • Pregnant – and a surprising diagnosis
  • Pregnant – and the baby can’t stay with me
  • Pregnant – looking for extraordinary care and support during an extraordinary and exciting time!


The perfect moment in your life is any time. You hold the memory dearly in your heart. A picture can freeze those moments and help us cherish the memory. Keeping  memories alive in pictures, sequences of our being in wonderful moments and special circumstances, that is my desire.


Making room for new ideas that life offers me along my way. They make life colorful and manifold and I am looking forward to taking you along on my journey.

Sculptures and Forms

Kissing alive emotions by softly touching hand and feet and caressing a belly, bringing “form” to the greatest connection between mother and child. I create tangible memories in every situation of life.

Spiritual work “BEING”

Being complete; connected in body, spirit and soul, tied to the spring of our pristine being, borne in doubtless trust.

I will walk along with you on your sacred way, I will show you chances to strengthen the connection within you and if anything help you learn to feel at all, so that physical and spiritual discomfort and pain can be altered within you and through you.