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Shamanic Healing

“Today I wear the smile that you conjured up on my face.”

Shamanism is the oldest healing tradition in the history of mankind.

Shamans deliberately and consciously shift into an altered state of consciousness and enter a not-commonplace reality to answer questions and get information from the parallel world. This “technique” is known as shamanic travel. To help shamans accomplish their tasks they are supported by helpers, power animals and masters from the spiritual world. With the help of a shaman drum and a previously defined number of drumbeats the shaman gets into a state of trance in which his state of consciousness stays active. In this state of mind the shaman is able to receive information from the spiritual world and to work with that information in the here and now. Our shaman work also includes communication with nature, its spiritual beings and plants and to receive information from them.

In some situations in life parts of our soul split off and hide away in a safe place to stay undamaged. As soon as parts of our soul are missing we feel disorders and often times this leads to physical symptoms and illnesses. It is the shaman’s task to find this out and to bring back the lost part of the soul.

This is just a minimal description of what shamanic healing is and a small glimpse of what I do. It is going to be a life-long task for me to continue learning on this path and to fulfill my soul-assignment. I am looking forward to our shamanic journey.

Feel welcome in your being so we can go on a little journey together.

Guardian of Transition

“Trust the person who notices the following three things: the sorrow behind your smile, the love behind your scorn and the reason for your silence.”

In every phase of our life we are in transition. We walk through an invisible gate. Oftentimes this change is accompanied by emotional fluctuations. Chaos within us and no one shows us how we get through it. We are brave and make this step or our social environment pushes us through. Oftentimes we are stuck and are afraid to move on. We get caught in a structure, even though our “lifetime-axis” holds other things ready for us.

  • Our birth
  • Being / becoming a toddler / sibling
  • School
  • Puberty
  • Developing a professional identity
  • Becoming / being a woman
  • Getting / being pregnant
  • Being a mother
  • Life without children
  • Becoming / being a wise woman
  • Fear of death

Talking to friends and family I come to see that oftentimes there are “disturbances” in phases and situations of transition. I will support you with “transition rituals” which are individually designed for you. They will help you learn to orientate yourself and to feel comfortable. This type of ritual-work is also suitable and applicable for children who have problems finding themselves in new structures and situations, who are inattentive in school and / or are unable to get into contact with other children. And when you feel as an adult you are not “coming home” in life, your fears are unbearable, partnerships do not seem to work out and you just do not have a plan for your life…feel welcome to work with me!




Chakra Work

“And if you feel like everything is falling apart, stay calm and sort it out anew”.

Sometimes it feels like your system gets confused, you feel blocked, tense, unbalanced, overloaded with impressions and emotions, with external demands. Your system reacts when your soul has way before called for a stop.

Our centers of energy (chakras) take up all vibrations and waves and store experiences, they try to react and are constantly trying to function. Very often they are blocked and out of balance.

I offer chakra-work / chakra-cleansing / chakra-balancing as long as these treatments are in resonance with you.



Laying cards professionally

“Sometimes retreat is necessary to protect heart and soul.”

The Haindly-Tarot by Hermann Haindl (1927-2013) is a worldwide known deck of tarot-cards with magical cards. They bring countless information from the spiritual world and leave a great scope in its interpretations. After years of working with these cards I can say that my “conversations” with them is wonderful, exciting and I am repeatedly amazed what each card holds new in novel situations.

I was first introduced to the cards by my wonderful teacher Sonja (“die Wanderhexe – witch”). I had a lot of respect as I worried that something negative could come from the cards…But soon I realized that the cards worked only favorably with me. They give essential information to the one asking and help with taking decisions. I love working with the cards and if you have questions, contact me via the contact form.

Laying cards via telephone can only be done after a personal meeting has taken place.



Reconnective Healing

“Sometimes change is not what we want. But sometimes change is what we need. Do not fear change as there are things that are not meant to stay.”

Reconnective Healing is a noticeable energy-interaction with a differently-dimensional intelligence. Dr. Eric Pearl felt this frequency range for the first time in 1993 and ever since teaches accessing and possibly interacting with these frequencies together with his partner Jillian Fleer (and his worldwide team of trainers). Learning Reconnective Healing is a process. Working with these frequencies allows changes on physical, mental and emotional levels.

Currently I am in training with Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer.

My soulmate on this journey is Michaela Hohenstein. She is the most important person in my life and in all of my works of healing she is my complementary. Therefore we also offer appointments together.


Before we start working together there will be a personal meeting and an initial interview, either in my practice or by phone. The different fields of my work of healing go hand in hand. And if you have never had any points of contact with shamanism or any other spiritual work and it is out of question for you, we will come back to the more “tangible” treatments. We will find the right approach and treatment for your issues and questions in life




For requests please write me through the contact form

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Data protection
, Owner: (Registered business address: Germany), processes personal data only to the extent strictly necessary for the operation of this website. All details in the privacy policy.