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Supporting your Pregnancy

“unique is better than perfect”

So many women day-in, day-out  experience this “one moment” in which the world stands still, because she experiences this achingly wonderful feeling of happiness, being pregnant, of finally becoming a mother , and yet being overwhelmed by feelings of uncertainty of what is to come, fear, pride and a lot of questions. A positive pregnancy test, a visit with the gynecologist, certainty that from now on “everything” will change.

I will go with you on this journey and help you find your strength, activate your basic trust, your femininity and make you aware of the greatness of you pregnancy. I will try to help you connect with the unspeakable love that grows inside of you and of course provide you with all necessary support, care and medical advice during pregnancy, labour and the postpartum period.

I am by your side to support you.

Labor and Childbirth

“you have many options in life: to devote yourself, to give everything and to trust”

Pregnancy now feels intimately and familiar and yet there is a new defiance in your life – the notion and certainty that your baby wants to come into this world. Impatience keeps mounting, sometimes you even wish you could stay pregnant forever. Just as in the beginning of your pregnancy, you feel waves of different emotions. Life puts you to the test to be patient, to trust, to feel the power and strength that lies within you and to now experience together with your unborn child an amazing adventure and powerful, universal energy. For ever which way you and your child decide…

.. I am by your side to support you.




“Being – arrived, happy, distrusful, overwhelmed, loving, looking for help, overtired, powerless, amazed, enthralled, headstrong, flooded by hormones – Being”

All of this and more childbed has to offer and from that you choose something new every day. The idea of being a mom like everyone else sounds alluring and wonderful and yet the beginning might hold even more challenges than your pregnancy.

Everything changes; visibly, audibly, sensibly. Nothing compares to the time before giving birth to this bundle of joy. Your body might still be in pain, but everything will start to flow, trust yourself. Your lochia is flowing, breastmilk is flowing and tears might be, too. And everything makes sense. The little wonderful being is turning to you and trusts you to understand and accept it with all your heart. Now starts a time of getting to know and trust each other.

I am by your side to support you.    

Special Circumstances

“The day of birth is a blind-date, on which you can be sure to meet the love of you life.”

But sometimes life holds other plans for you…

  • you are pregnant but do not want the baby
  • you can’t get pregnant
  • you receive the diagnosis of a medical abnormality
  • the baby can’t stay
  • you have lost a baby
  • a traumatic experience (pregnancy/birth) blocks your femininity

You can contact me in any situation and we will talk about what we can do next.

I am by your side to support you.



“When something is meant to be, it will happen. In the right time, with the right person, for the best reason.”

When a baby dives into its adventure “life”, it comes pure and true to us. Its soul has a plan and it has a deep connection to its basic trust and all universal powers. Sometimes on its way into life, it experiences big obstacles, lived through experiences during pregnancy that made it impossible for it to be born as was its plan. Here and now it doesn’t have the means to communicate with us. It shows in mimic and gesture, it has its voice that is either very low or very loud. In addition there might be physical “symptoms” like unrest, drinking-weakness, screaming, winds and many more. In every moment you as a mom or dad want to do the “right” thing for your child and you might feel helpless and at a loss, to inexperienced in this situation, you feel like you couldn’t build a connection with this baby yet or the baby feels strange to you.

Together with your baby we will look at your “issues”. We will create a new birthing experience and through that resolve traumatic experiences and delete stored thought patterns and cell memories. As with the words of Esther Göbel – the greatest midwife and Rebirthing-teacher: “it is never to late for a good birth.”



As a midwife I give the necessary support, care and advice during pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period by providing care for the mother and the newborn. I do home visits for women in the area of Leinfelden-Echterdingen and close by. Part of my assistance I offer solely in my practice in Waldenbuch. All costs for medical services are covered by health insurance. Costs for some parts of my services are not covered by insurance and will be, after prior consultation, billed directly to you. 


For inquiries in all areas please write me a message via the contact form.

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Data protection
, Owner: (Registered business address: Germany), processes personal data only to the extent strictly necessary for the operation of this website. All details in the privacy policy.