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Maternity photography

“Not every day of pregnancy is easy, but every day brings me closer to you.”

You are looking for:

  • Maternity shooting (alone)
  • Maternity shooting with partner / family
  • Maternity shooting outside a photo studio

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Birth photography

“There are moments in life, you can’t find words for.”

Impossible to grasp, unique, irretrievable, powerful and unforeseeable, intimate and fascinating, exhausting and not projectable. I will be there with you welcoming your child. You can let-got and fully concentrate on giving birth and I will capture those moments in pictures in all its diversity and with all the different emotions. Through my work as a midwife I know how to stay in the background and when to leave the room so that there will be no interference through my work.

It is not possible to be present as a photographer in every situation. That decision is made by you and your child. I will be on call 1 week before and 1 week after the scheduled birth date. For a planed C-Section I can be there as scheduled.



“Laughter is timeless, fantasy has no age and dreams are forever.” Walt Disney

Snap-shots of the multifaceted expressions of a newborn, if you want in your home in a relaxing atmosphere. There you have the possibility to fulfill the needs of your baby whenever necessary, while I take pictures in those unique moments. I will propose ideas and of course you can express individual wishes. Or we can make a photo shoot in my practice / art studio.


Special situations

“Be the human that you would like to meet.”

Your baby came too early and now spends longer time in the pediatric clinic. Expects or unexpectedly your baby has fallen ill and spends also a lot of time in the pediatric clinic. Or maybe your baby cannot remain with you and these are only minutes or hours to dismiss it. In this situation you feel with certainty beside your life put, the feelings drive roller coaster, clear thoughts are far away.

Life challenges us every second of our being. Saying goodbye to a beloved person is one of those challenges. You can’t learn to le go, you can only do it by trusting that everything will be right at the right time. Even when your soul understands why it happens, why we all have to go “back”, our ego shows us time and again how unbelievably hard it is. Sometimes we are lucky and can prepare for a situation like that. In a situation of a sudden and unexpected loss we feel helpless and overwhelmed. I will be there for you and if you want accompany you with my camera to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

I will come see you:

  • in hospital, delivery room, children’s hospital
  • at home
  • in hospice / child hospice
  • elderly home


Photography in the medical field

“Nothing ever passes, unless it has thaught us what we need to know”. Pema Chödron

For many years I have been working with medical publication companies in Stuttgart. I did cover pictures for magazines, books and pictures of birth series. In addition I published a medical reference book with the support of a wonderful medical team of the Women’s Clinic Stuttgart and the MVS. If you would like me to take pictures of your event / convention or if you need pictures for a presentation, training, a medical publication, design of brochures etc., contact me through the contact form.


Life is varied and colourful, as are my photographic works. I’m not fixed on specific areas of photography. So please don’t hesitate to write me an inquiry. I try to realize your wishes.


For inquiries in all areas please write me a message via the contact form.

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Data protection
, Owner: (Registered business address: Germany), processes personal data only to the extent strictly necessary for the operation of this website. All details in the privacy policy.