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Pregnant „on board“

„Don’t go where the path leads you, go where there is no path and leave your marks.” Jean Paul

  • You are pregnant and are planning a trip
  • You have planned a trip and now you are pregnant
  • You are pregnant and have a lot of questions about traveling by plane
  • You are pregnant, want to travel but don’t want to do it alone

There are quite a few instructions and rules to abide by when you are pregnant and want to fly, e.g. how far along in your pregnancy will airline allows you to fly with them. And even when your gynecologist says it is ok for you to fly you still have a lot of questions about what exactly there is to consider when being “pregnant on board”. Contact me and we will talk about your questions. If wanted and my schedule allows it I can accompany you on your flight (all travel costs must be covered by you).

Support from a certified midwife abroad

“Traveling is lust for life”. Kurt Tucholsky

  • You are living abroad, are pregnant and are looking for support by a certified midwife?
  • You gave birth to your child in Germany and will go (back) abroad with your newborn?
  • You are living abroad but are planning to give birth in Germany?

Contact me in time and will work out a plan together how I can support your pregnancy and assist you in childbed. Travelcosts, insurance and costs for my services abroad are not covered by German health insurance providers and have to be privately paid for. We will find a solution that goes for both sides. I am looking forward to our “trip”.



“There is only one way to achieve great things. Do what you love.” Steve Jobs

  • Ritualseminar (for “big and small”)
  • Pendulumseminars (including a pendulum) ????
  • Tarotseminar (including a deck of Haindl-Tarot cards/book/working materials)
  • Seminar “Photography in the delivery room in special situations”

Seminars can be booked as a single or group seminar. For seminars please contact me exclusively via contact form. Every seminar can be specially modulated according your wishes.

Elena Löffler-Artist

“Nothing is as it seems. Nothing stays as it is. Nothing comes as you think. Get used to it and live on.”

Elena is a very special person to me. Honest from her heart and blessed with extraordinary skills in the artist field. Elena’s works emerge from different techniques, her variable creative possibilities keep on fascinating me. I want to give her room and lend her my platform to unfold herself, to feel and experience how valuable she is as a human being and as an artist.

We had our first joint appearance on the ARTe2019 fair in Sindelfingen. Upon request her picture portfolio can be looked at. We are open for your ideas and wishes:

Elena does…

  • Commissions / contract work (a special gift)

Exhibitions (museums, companies, congresses, events)


For requests please write me through the contact form