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Sculptures of Hands

“Give me you hand, I will hold it, when you need halt, I will warm it, when you are cold, I will caress it, when you are sad, I will let go, when you want to be free.”

The touch of our hands gives us a special feeling of connection. I will make this feeling tangible through a sculpture…

  • single baby’s hand
  • baby’s hand with siblings
  • baby’s hand with mother and / or father
  • hands of siblings
  • hands of grown-ups/family sculptures

In every situation you have the opportunity to create memories:

  • birth
  • wedding
  • birthday
  • farewell / goodbye of a beloved person

Sculptures of Feet

“the smallest feet leave the biggest traces in our hearts.”

We know how wonderful it feels to hold little baby feet in our hands. After long years it still leaves me with a feeling of happiness. Give yourself and your baby the opportunity to look at its little feet and hold them long after the baby has grown up.


Sculptures of the Baby Belly

“The biggest wonders can be found in the covered”.

Would you like to remember your “wonderful baby cover”? Have it sculptured in different forms:

  • 3d sculpture (belly cup) with hands
  • belly cup

All sculptures are made of high-quality art materials from my art studio. After sculpturing they are being casted, smoothed, sanded, sealed and get a white protective coating.


Lifetree Placenta

“the magic of an indescribable connection.”

The marvel of the placenta is indescribable. It creates the great connection between mother and child and nothing is comparable with its being. It carries all essential energies of “ life”. Worldwide there are innumerable rituals that cherish mother and child and their placenta. I will form the placenta and decorate it with high-quality art materials from my art studio. Together with the wonderful artist Elena Löffler I will make your placenta a “life-tree”, individually designed, so that this spring of energy can be close to your child all life long.

I will pick up the placenta right after birth and depending on season and the individual wish what to do with it start working on it. After forming /sculpturing and treatment, the placenta has a white protective coating and can be designed by parents, family or siblings.



I’m moving in my artist materials:

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